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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ronaldo or Crouch?

I have nothing against fat men. I belong to that tribe anyway. But Ronaldo... what was he doing on the pitch that night? A sordid display that had disinterest written all over it. Carlos Alberto Parreira might be committing a grave mistake playing him in front of top-draw playmakers like Ronaldinho and Kaka. He simply doesn't deserve that kind of service.

Ronaldo might have had to face even more criticism, but he should be thankful to Peter Crouch for diverting some away from him. These were some comments from the England - Trinidad & Tobago game... Crouch is played an excellent ball, it comes right to his scoring foot, at just the right height, an easy tap-in for anyone at that level. Crouch sends it wide, almost 70 degrees away from goal. The commentator remarks: "... an excellent ball played to Crouch. Peter Crouch! Goodness me, he almost sent it for a throw-in!"

On another occassion, the 6ft 7in Liverpool striker misses an easy header. Comment: "Must say, the ball hit Peter Crouch, rather than Crouch hitting the ball!"

Crouch seems like a person being played by Eriksson because he is short of players, or because Crouch is a tall man. Yes, of course he scored. But if you get David Beckham to play such wonderful, measured crosses a hundred times during the game, surely anyone can convert one of those.

It's not just Crouch, the whole English team looks off-colour. The only player who seemed comfortable in an England shirt during the T&T game was Aaron Lennon. Wayne, save these folks!


Blogger Gopps said...

Ronaldo looked out of sorts, but he is a slow starter. Hope he gets back his golden touch. Coach has instilled confidence in him by including him in the playing 11 for the australian game. You never know when he will deliver. Remember in WC'02 he came back from a long lay off from knee injury and if i remember right, fatter than this.

Crouch is under utilizing his height. Also one expects Lampard to convert all the gud chances that he had. Its a worrying note indeed. It should improve a lot. But the commitment and fitness of Rooney in that match must have raised the spirits of the Barmy Army. Theo Walcott should be given a chance in the next game.

6/17/2006 01:13:00 AM  

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