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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Year in Review: Countdown 20 - 11

After I posted the earlier list, I received some feedback, and it was that I was overly biased towards melodies and slow songs. Well, that's the way I've always been, so my list doesn't change. Here's the next instalment.

20. Vidikinra Pozhudhu, movie: RAAM - I liked three songs from this movie. This one, Aarariraro and Boom Boom. Of the three, I thought Aarariraro sounded too sad, and Boom Boom was only sound. This song is like a free verse, and in my opinion, stands out, and is one of the few relieving moments of this forgettable (and overhyped) movie.

19. Poo Poothadhu, movie: MUMBAI EXPRESS - This is the only song in this movie that is anything to write about. Another melody to the KK collection.

18. Unnai Saran Adainthen, movie: THAVAMAI THAVAMIRUNDHU - An excellent song, I liked this one better every time I heard it on Mirchi. I never knew Sabesh-Murali could dish out something as good as this.

17. Kanda Naal Mudhalai, movie: KANDA NAAL MUDHAL - Though I do not listen to Carnatic songs often, I would call myself a fan of the genre. This is one of the most popular Carnatic songs, and like AR Rahman's version of Alaipayuthey, unadulterated. I would have given it a much higher rating, but it is not an original effort, so...

16. Kanmoodi Thirakkumbothu, movie: SACHEIN - What good lyrics this one has. A different kind of melody, this is one of the best romantic songs of 2005.

15. Aararai Kodi Pergalil, movie: ANBE AARUYIRAE - This is the only song I've seen in this movie. Well-choreographed, I liked it for the humming that comes in between the words. It goes "En anbe -haan- aaruyirae -haan- en anbe aaruyir neeye" Who other than Rahman can think of such a thing!

14. Kaatril Varum Geethame, movie: ORU NAAL ORU KANAVU - Easily one of the most (honey-drippingly) beautiful songs of 2005. The picturisation was rather cavalier, but the song is absolutely Carnatic in nature.

13. Erimalai Naane, movie: KANDA NAAL MUDHAL - A very rare type of song, sounds like a battle cry through and through - reminiscent of Kalingathu Barani. Vasundara Das deserves a special mention.

12. Suttum Vizhi Sudare, movie: GHAJINI - A simple, elegant song. But was Bombay Jayashree the right choice for the female lead?

11. Kaadhal Yaanai, movie: ANNIYAN - The first word that comes to my mind when I listen to this song is the comment passed by my friend Muhilan - groovy! This song has all genres rolled into it. A delight when listened to with headphones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expected you to rate Kanda Naal Mudhalai even higher. Fact is some of the songs are in my top 10/

12/29/2005 07:47:00 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

A very very happy new year!!

12/30/2005 03:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Karthik said...

If you've assigned a lower rating for Kanda Naal Mudhalai just because it is not an original effort, are you saying that the rest of the songs are all original?

12/30/2005 07:43:00 AM  
Anonymous KG said...

i think there is a difference. it was just a Ctrl-C+Ctrl-V with a rhythm track thrown in. In Boycott's words, "Even my Mom would do that". There has been similar work from Yuvan in the past. (see itwofs.com for all our vandavaalangal)

it doesn't augur well for yuvan who has been otherwise experimenting and exploring well. he needs to do less of Ctrl-C+Ctrl-V and more of WORK!

1/01/2006 02:56:00 AM  

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