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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year in Review: Countdown 30 - 21

I intend to list out my top 30 favorite Tamil songs of the year. The list is in 3 parts, and follows the Baba count, i.e. backwards! There is no great logic or survey behind this innocuous list. My methodology is to assign a higher rating to songs I've willingly listened to more times. Here goes the first list. (I don't have many comments for these songs)

30. Oru Vaarthai Ketka, movie: AYYA - some excellent rendering by both KK and Sadhana Sargam, but poor picturisation.

29. Achu Vella Karumbe, movie: THOTTI JAYA

28. Kaadhal Theeviravadhi, movie: CHATRAPATHY - a slow, even melancholic song

27. Un Paarvaiyo, movie: SUKRAN - overall, a good debut album

26. Bambara Kannale, movie: BAMBARA KANNALE - nice song, of the kuththu variety. The female lead is superb. Udit's voice too is very apt.

25. Vennila Siragadikka, movie: PONNIYIN SELVAN - usual Vidyasagar song. I loved the line "Yaarukku kavalai illai?" "Adhai paththi kavalai illai!"

24. Oh Priyasakhi, movie: PRIYASAKHI - nice song, melodious. Srinivas does a great job. The female lead is poor.

23. Andha Naal Nyaabagam, movie: ADHU ORU KANAA KAALAM - nice song. I expected this movie to become a hit, on the basis of this song alone.

22. Mannile Mannile, movie: MAZHAI - Another melody. I simply fell in love with the "I love you, Shailaja" refrain. Excellent rendering.

21. Kadavul Thandha Azhagiya Vaazhkai, movie: MAAYAVI - A really beautiful song. Both singers have sung well.

The list continues...


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