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Friday, May 19, 2006

Spielberg's Munich

This is the kind of movie you would want to recommend to anyone asking him / her to drop whatever he / she is doing. Spielberg's Munich is a modern classic!


Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

after having seen the movie i wud say its highly overrated, not a modern classic.

5/19/2006 09:18:00 PM  
Blogger Gokulakrishnan S said...

not that great yaar... was expecting a more mature view of the Munich event from a guy like Spielberg. smacked of jingoism a bit...

5/20/2006 06:25:00 AM  
Anonymous tamizhan said...

Its a nice movie for people who havent heard abt the munich tragedy before (vis-a-vis me!). I downloaded and saw it aeons ago and realized that even though it was telling me only one side of the story, it was telling that side awesomely well.

5/20/2006 09:21:00 PM  
Blogger Anu said...

I agree with Vatsan.. wasn't so great!

5/21/2006 06:00:00 PM  
Blogger Ramanarayanan said...

Munich is absolutely recommended.

5/23/2006 03:27:00 AM  

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