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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bring in the experts

One of the major problems in India's downfall in the recently concluded one-day series against the West Indies is the absence of a solid opening pair.

Sehwag has been very tentative for a long time now. A couple of boundaries and then he holes out. Gautam Gambhir's inconsistency led to his being dropped from the side. A clueless Dravid had to push himself up the order. Though Dravid has done well as an opener, it is not his position. We need him at number 4 or 5, where he can steady an innings and launch after the 40-over mark. This has been felt badly by the team, because in this series, we had good starts, but blew it away after 35 overs.

The immediate requirement for the Indian cricket team is a good opener, someone who can hang in there. It is a specialised slot, and it requires a specialist. Gambhir would have been ideal, but he throws his bat around as much as Sehwag does, and that serves no purpose. We need someone who can keep a low profile, play second fiddle to Sehwag and weather the storm. If we are looking to win the next World Cup, we need an opening batsman who tackle these unfriendly, unforgiving Caribbean pitches.

A request to you, Mr. Chappell: let's develop an expert opener!


Blogger Selva said...

There are two bigger areas of concern: Running between the wickets and Fielding (catching in particular)

5/31/2006 05:37:00 AM  

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