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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The "weird" meme

Tagged by Vinayak. Here are 6 weird things about me:

1. I listen to one song at a time, in the repeat mode. If I like it, I'll listen it all day long, for weeks. I consider Johann Pachelbel's Canon to be among the finest pieces of music ever composed. I should have listened to James Galway's rendition of it a few thousand times till date -- arguably the most number of times for someone who is neither a student nor a practitioner of the flute.

2. I can manage with about four hours of sleep daily. And without solid food for two days on the trot. Seriously!

3. I failed my first test for a driving license -- on a TVS Champ!

4. Whenever I read a book, I tend to resonate with one particular character -- and it is generally NOT the main character. Like in The Hound of the Baskervilles, I found Mr. Frankland the most like me, for Doyle describes him thus: "He fights for the mere pleasure of fighting and is equally ready to take up either side of a question..."

5. The last Hindi movie I watched was Parineeta. Before that, I don't remember watching any Hindi movie, not in the ten years before that at least. In fact, I have watched more French than Hindi movies.

6. I enjoy wordplays, and I attempt them ad nauseum. While speaking in the Youth Parliament when in college, as a member of the Opposition, I closed the debate on a bill seeking reservation for women in Parliament thus: "The Government seeks to give women a fair representation in the legislating bodies. But, Mr. Speaker, I think it would be fairer if the fairer sex fare well in a fair competition."

Despite (3), my driving record is quite impeccable. And given my recently-acquired tag as a male chauvinist, I think (6) is a bold confession to make, what say?

I hereby tag Vatsan, KG, Praveen, Vijay R and Anu.


Blogger Anu said...

Tag picked.

6/26/2006 02:13:00 AM  

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