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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My 15 seconds of fame!

After living a life of 22 years and 340 days without doing anything significant to get my name into a national newspaper (my mom tells me some local newspaper even published my photo for winning a local Math Olympiad - those were great days!), I got indeed a pleasant surprise today, to find my name published in the Deccan Chronicle of today. And that too, in a page reserved strictly for Page 3 celebrities - the front page of the Chennai Chronicle.

The article, titled Bloggers Track TN Polls, features the co-blog I write with friend Eshwar. Many thanks to all patient readers who helped me attain Blogging nirvana! Thank you!

The article, which is an almost faithful copy of the one published in DNA (forgivable, since plagiarism seems to be the flavour of the season) a week ago, needlessly ruffles the Mafia, calling him an inflammatory blogger. You may want to know what he feels about this.


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