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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Farewell, Big Al

Like all great careers before, Alan Shearer's comes to an end. Yes, the Lion of Gosforth, the pride of St. James' Park has decided to call it a day. A sparkling career, though not one littered with trophies, yet in its ability to wow the spectators, was nothing short of the very best.

The Telegraph sums up the Newcastle and England centre-forward thus...

In some ways, Shearer is an old-fashioned hero. Ever since Blackburn's Jack Walker broke the British transfer record to sign him from Southampton, he has been aware of his price but given value for money. To paraphrase John F Kennedy, he has not asked what his clubs can do for him but what he can do for them. Thus, having helped Blackburn to their first championship since the First World War, he rejected the relatively easy option of Manchester United in favour of his beloved home-town club so St James' Park rather than Old Trafford could harvest the further fruits of his labours.
Despite the lack of club success at Newcastle, Shearer's personal success knew no bounds. He won the awards for Football Association's Overall Player of the Decade, Domestic Player of the Decade and Outstanding Contribution to the Premier League, in addition to being the top goalscorer since the beginning of the Premiership. He also holds the record for the maximum number of goals by a Newcastle player.

The fans from Tyneside, while wishing their most popular son farewell, will expect him to come back soon as manager. Let's hope that Shearer's next innings is just as sparkling!

Here's a wondergoal by the Newcastle legend against Everton. For more spectacular videos, please visit Google Video or Shearer9.com


Blogger Ghost Particle said...

the one and only...wished he could have picked up a wc...so sad he had to go away this way.

4/25/2006 02:43:00 AM  

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