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Saturday, July 01, 2006

No more samba

Thierry Henry and France proved too hot for Brazil, as les Bleus put an end the samba magic out of the World Cup. To be honest, there was no magic on show anywhere, so the first really good team Brazil met proved to be their nemesis.

For those of us who (defying all logic) predicted that the Brazilians would walk away with the World Cup, there is still some hope. Deco was born in Brazil. Luis Felipe Scolari is a Brazilian. So, we might still end up having a couple of Brazilians keeping up their date with glory!

Radio commentary

The only quarterfinal match I got to watch on TV was the clash between Italy and Ukraine. The other games I missed, being away from home. However when on the road, I discovered that FM Rainbow offers live commentary of the football matches. They pick up live feeds from BBC Radio Five Sport. The commentary is of the first order, almost like you are able to visualise the action. Despite the fact that they sounded partisan during the England-Portugal game, I recommend it. It is definitely a few notches better than the commentary on ESPNStar.


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