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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hasta la "Vista"?

Microsoft has announced that it is going to delay the launch of the will-it-ever-come Windows Vista.

Mary Jo Foley of the PC Magazine explains the reasons in her article, "What's Really Behind the Windows Vista Delay?"

To say that Microsoft's bombshell decision to delay the launch of Windows Vista until 2007 was due to quality concerns is an oversimplification.

Microsoft actually is pushing the Vista launch back to January 2007 to appease the marketing gurus as much as the quality grunts...

The week of March 20, Microsoft was faced with an internal deadline, Goldberg said. Microsoft needed to give its partners a firm commitment on when it would deliver to them the final Vista bits.

"We made the decision this morning [March 21]," Goldberg said. Rather than be sorry, Microsoft decided to play it safe and build some extra time into its testing and bug-fixing schedule, he said.


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