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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Winners never quit...

Today, Karthik Guruswamy of ECE Class of 2004 (KG for short, and always that way) informed me that he had quit his job. It came as a surprise, a shock even. Who would quit a swank job at an IT major, just like that?

It is a generally held belief that if you graduate with a BE in ECE from Anna University, and end up in a software job, the four years you spent in college are as good as naught. I don't subscribe to that view, partly because I am into software myself, and also I did learn a few things when in college, engineering not being one of those -:)

Back to KG... he's one of those folks who breathes electronics through one nose and mathematics through the other. I can visualise how he would have spent each day of past year fuming at the numerous Excel sheets and Word documents that every IT guy has to fill out. His mind would have craved for his first love. But a compromise must be made. As they say, you don't get to keep the cake and eat it as well (did I get the order right?).

This is the hard part. You can decide upon, enact and live the perfect life in your brain. But can you transform that to reality? Never a person to be fazed by transforms, our man took the ultimate step. He approached the one professor everyone in the ECE department fears (I forget his name, haha), and convinced him to take him under his wings. Voila, KG has now been reunited with his first love - he is now a project associate!

But they say that winners never quit? Quite true, and in this case too. It depends on how you interpret it. Here's a person who's hung on to his passion, what he likes the most. And taken a decision to move away from the normal, the beaten path... away from the petty economic necessities that block us from following what we truly love.

To quote Coelho, "... when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." My friend KG, you are a true winner. In choosing to exert yourself in the field of your interest, you've proved that you are ready for the game, ready for life. Let my universe also conspire to help you reach the pinnacle of success. I salute you, Sir.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about putting KG's foto in the blog ? Unable to recognise him -- GD Thirumala Vasan

12/24/2005 10:00:00 PM  

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