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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hello, world

To start a blog is easy; but to maintain one is among the toughest things in life. Well begun is half done was never more wrong than in the case of my experiences in blogosphere.

But why should I blog? I don't think that there are any serious justifications for this newly proposed adventure. If there are, then they should be against rather than for. But let me try thinking of some reasons.

1. Newspapers might become a non-existant commodity in the future. The frequency and static nature of printed newspapers are bottlenecks compared to minute-by-minute update that can be provided by online news sources. In such a world, anyone would be free to comment, but only few would be listened to. Such commentators and analysts need not wait for newspapers to approach them; rather they can publish their ideas immediately. This puts power into their hands.

2. Blogosphere demands that people be serious about what they do - else they run out of favour.

3. Recently, by tracking the opinions of people in the blogosphere, Microsoft was able to understand modifications it should bring into it's products. This is much more cost-effective than getting AC Nielsen to do an online survey.

But none of these are my reasons to blog. I am doing this not because I'll be seen as the next leading light or that someone can serialise my work and put it up as the next big thing. I do so many things these days for which I know not the reason. Blogging is just another addition to that list.

I blog because I blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

let us see how often u update this one!


6/01/2005 01:12:00 AM  

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