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Monday, June 20, 2005

Who cares about little Johnny?

This past weekend, some of my project members went to Vishakapatnam to attend the marriage of a colleague. As they returned to work yesterday, most of them were sporting an undesirable tan! At more than 45 degrees C (113 F), the sun was merciless. On an average they should have imbibed 10 litres of fluids each day! Even the nights were no less tortuous.

Not that we're complaining of incessant snowfall in Chennai, but to know that other places are suffering much worse under the heat wave brings mixed reactions - I pity the people who have to toil under such searing heat, while feeling happy that I'm better off here. I remember reading in some book (maybe Word Power) a pithy line under the title Classroom Classics, a collection of common goof-ups because of the misuse of vocabulary: "The climate in Bombay is such that its people have to live elsewhere". I think such a statement can be applied to 80% of places in India.

Last evening provided some much needed relief. A week of 100F days seems to have disturbed even the rain-god and woken him up from his deep slumber. Chennai was screened by some lusty-looking cumulonimbus clouds and was lashed by -- nay, sprinkled with -- some showers. The much excitable Chennai population, and the trigger-happy media (Radio Mirchi, for one) declared celebrations... and since then, there hasn't been one droplet!

I'm certain that young children are spoilt big-time in schools. One of the first rhymes the tiny tots are taught is "Rain rain go away! Little Johnny wants to play!" It is one of the examples of how pathetic and mindless the teaching system is in our country. Kids should be taught something meaningful, practical and relevant. Whenever there are dark clouds, these toddlers sing in unison and drive the rain away. The power of prayers? Public opinion?

If you live in Chennai or some such rain-forsaken place and want to do something about it, I suggest you talk to the authorities in the schools in your area! After all, it is time to revamp the education system...


Blogger Karthik said...

Panjathula adipattavanukku saapaadu kedacha maari irundhudhu... when I drove back home it was just drizzling enuf to make me feel good sans wetting myself.

6/21/2005 09:41:00 AM  

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